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Beach Wedding in Jamaica

If you are would like a wedding cermony that defies the traditional and the everyday, then you will want to consider a wedding in Jamaica.

A wedding on the beach in Jamaica is an escape into your own world that you and your loved one will cherish forever.

When we arrived in Negril on the western coast of Jamaica, we knew we had arrived in paradise and we were amazed! The white sand beach was so beautiful, and was surrounded by lush green gardens full of fruiting trees and flowers. Our accommodations were gorgeous and comfortable, with a balcony looking directly out over the Caribbean sea. Our villa was so close to water that we could have tossed a stone into the surf right from our balcony!

If you feel that your wedding day is worthy of more than the ordinary, then a wedding in Jamaica is just what you and your partner will love! The staff from the villas, as well as all the people in Negril were gracious and inviting. Our villa was cool and comfortable, with an incredible view over the town of Negril on one side, and an even more spectacular view of the turquoise water on the other. Negril was definitely the most romantic place we had ever been. We were so impressed that it made us feel like we wanted to celebrate every upcoming anniversary in this same beautiful place.

Our wedding in Jamaica was beautiful and incredible, and better than we could have imagined. Negril Beach was everything we thought it would be and much, much more. Our 7 days spent at the villa with our family and friends was almost as wonderfull as getting married, and we can hardly even begin to express how much we enjoyed it.

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