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Jamaica Weddings In Negril

When planning your special day, there are many different settings which one might imagine...some picture a white wedding in a chapel, others may imagine a raucous wedding getaway in Las Vegas, but there is something about Jamaica Weddings that offer a little bit of everything you expect, with a whole lot more.

Jamaica weddings offer exotic adventure and romance in a way that you'll never get from a traditional style wedding, and a Jamaica Wedding can actually be more afforadable than a traditional wedding. We'll provide everything you'll need to make planning for your special day easy and hassle free. All you'll have to do is come to a beautifull tropical island and enjoy some special time with your loved one. We'll take care of the rest.

And if this isn't starting to sound enticing enough, Negril is known to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Jamaica. From it's seven miles of pristine white sand beach, to it's calm warming waters full of life, Negril becomes the perfect backdrop for those special memories that you'll cherish with your loved one for a lifetime.

You may choose to hold your ceremony at anytime of the day, but most couples choose to exchange their vows during the time when Negril offers up it's most stunning of displays - sunset.

Negril sits on the westernmost tip of Jamaica, and every evening as the sun dips slowly toward the horizon, you'll see one of the most amazing displays of color and that will be a fitting companion for those special memories that you'll share together.

When planning Jamaica weddings, cherished memories and beautiful sunsets aren't all Negril has to offer. Negril offers all types of activities to turn your trip into an adventure. You'll find great places for shopping for local crafts and goods, to dining in the many restaurants that line Negril's seven mile beach. The local Jamaican cuisine is a unique treat that is not to be missed. There are also many nightclubs and bars where you can dance, drink and enjoy authentic local reggae music. Negril's calm waters play host to every type of watersport you can imagine - waterskiing, jet skiing, and parasailing are just a few of the marine activities you'll enjoy in Negril.

Negril is also known for it's incredible scuba diving and snorkeling. The waters surrounding Negril are some of the most abundant in Jamaica, full of colorful reef fish and rays...but don't sharks here!

So now you know just a few of the things that make Jamaica Weddings so appealing to couples from all over the come and get a taste of Negril for yourself!

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