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Tropical Jamaica Weddings

Would you like your dream wedding and your honeymoon to take place on an exotic and surreal beach, somewhere far away from the everyday?....Somewhere romantic and alluring, where warm waves lap gently over your the Island of Jamaica...

When imagining Jamaica weddings, if you picture a soft beach covered with white sand, showered in amazing colors as the sun dips into the sea behind you and your loved one, then Negril Beach is certainly the perfect place to make your dreams a reality.

Of all the wedding destinations throughout the Caribbean, Negril, Jamaica is one of the most popular. For anyone who has ever been to Negril, it is easy to see why.

Negril is nothing short of a tropical dream, right in the center of the Caribbean. Soft white sand beaches, palms swaying in the breeze, and spectacular sunsets are just a few of the reasons that couples choose Jamaica weddings over other Caribbean wedding destinations. The romantic and enticing atmosphere of Negril creates setting that is perfect for the wedding of your dreams, and a honeymoon that you will remember forever.


Jamaica Hotels

Sunset is a surreal and amazing time in Negril...every evening, Negril's fortuitous location on the western tip of Jamaica allows it to be graced with the most spectacular display of color and light, as the the Jamaican sun dips slowly into the Caribbean Sea. It's no surprise that sunset is the most popular time for couples to have their Jamaica weddings.

Jamaica weddings have become so popular in recent years, that it it not an uncommon site to see couples exchanging vows on Negril Beach during sunset. Once you have been to Negril, you too will understand why it has become such a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons. It is easy to see why so many happy couples plan their Jamaica weddings on Negril's beautiful Seven Mile Beach, exchanging their vows beneath the incredible shower of color that sunset time offers.

Panning your perfect Jamaica wedding is easy and hassle free...because we can help you with every step along the way. We can make all the arrangements for you, and at prices that won't break your budget. We offer many special packages for jamaican weddings, and we're sure that you'll find the right one to create your dream wedding in paradise. We also offer a variety of lovely honeymoon villas for you to enjoy your perfect tropical island honeymoon. Our beautiful honeymoon villas are spacious and offer every luxury you'd expect from a world class hotel. These wonderful villas are situated right on the water's edge, offering you every chance to enjoy the sun, surf, and beautiful sunsets that Negril jas to offer.

So if you are thing about a Caribbean wedding, come and experience the serenity, wonder, and romance that Jamaica weddings have to offer.


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