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Weddings in Jamaica

wedding day...the day that you've dreamed of so often...a day you'd like everything to be just perfect. Many couples dream about having their wedding in a beautiful tropical setting, but aren't sure how to make arrangements for flowers, a minister, licences, etc., all in another country. But a lovely tropical wedding doesn't have to be that difficult, because there is someone who has already made all the arrangements, who have given an ever increasing number of happy couples from all over the world those memories of their perfect wedding that they will cherish for a lifetime.

We have been helping couples plan their perfect weddings in Jamaica for many years, and with more and more couples coming to Jamaica every year to tie the knot, it looks like we'll be doing it for many, many more to come.

Weddings in Jamaica couldn't be more romantic and picturesque...a white sand beach lit by an amazing golden sunset, and you and your loved one exchanging your vows with the sound of warm waves lapping softly by your feet.

If that does't sound inviting enough, weddings in Jamaica are actually affordable...Yes! Its true! Even with the cost of airfare included, a wedding in Jamaica often costs much less than the price you'll pay for rental facilities, limousines, decorators and the like. And for all that money and time you still won't get the most important thing that every couple is looking for in their wedding day - romance and adventure...

A wedding on a Jamaican beach is an incredible way to create those exotic and intimate moments that every couple longs for...moments that will turn into memories so vivid and full of color, romance and excitement as to cause a traditional wedding to seem dull in comparison.

We can make all the arrangements for your weddings in Jamaica...Flowers, licences, an ordained minister, and even a beutiful wedding arch, under which you will exchange your vows.

But there is one thing that we'll never have to arrange for you...the incredible Jamaican sunset. Most couples who choose to have their weddings in Jamaica request that the ceremony be held at sunset - and once you see the dazzling display of color that graces the Jamaican horizon each evening, you'll understand why, and we bet you'll be back again to get another taste of that romance and excitement that brings so many couples to the Caribbean for their perfect weddings in Jamaica.

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